Training Portfolio

Training Portfolio

Innovise ESM has over 12 years experience of designing, developing and delivering technical and business training, addressing the audience type of sales, presales, technical, leadership and management training. We hold accreditations with world-class vendors including Cisco, IBM, ServiceNow, Novell and the ISEB.

Innovise ESM an IT consultancy organsation and it is this consultative background which drives our real life experienced and expert approach to training which our customers value. Our training programmes are available through a public schedule or on a closed and bespoke basis, and can be held in a location to suit our customers' individual needs, anywhere in the world.

Our Training Portfolio has been grouped in to four curriculums:

Best Practice
Through adopting and adapting best practice processes and behaviours, customers benefit from increased profits, efficiency gains and improved customer satisfaction and intimacy rates. Courses within this curriculum include industry, vendor and professional best practice courses including ITIL, TOGAF, Software Asset Management and Cisco Transformative Networking methodology training.

Sales Enablement
Role based training for Sales, Presales, Management and Leadership teams to create sustainable change and drive performance. Customers no longer buy technology, they buy solutions that enable their businesses to succeed and thrive. The overall aim of the enablement programmes is to accelerate revenue growth within our customers and decrease the time taken to achieve ROI, through increased sales and quicker sales cycles.

Technical & Vendor Training
Courses provide the technical knowledge and capabilities to design, deploy, implement and optimise technical solutions and include fully accredited standard and bespoke training courses from a variety of vendors including Cisco, IBM, ServiceNow and Novell.  Contact us for further information.

Please use our contact form or call +44 (0) 1753 513 906 and speak to one of our specialist team for assistance with your business needs.